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THE history of Western education, as it is set forth in this book,
begins with the educational ventures of the Greek people some
hundreds of years before Christ and carries the story up to the
beginnings of scientific pedagogy in the Twentieth Century, It is
essentially a record of evolution. It shows how out own practices
and opinions have gradually taken shape in the course of the
centuries, and links up the past and present as members of one
growing life which at the moment is our life.

In order the better to emphasize the evolution of education
and bring out the dependence of the present on the past, the
attempt is made to show educational institutions and principles
in their social context. Each chapter opens with a brief sketch
of the outstanding features of the period with which it deals, by
way of suggesting social background.

Yet it is more than an abstract account of bloodless ideas and
movements. The development of education in all its rich variety
is constantly illustrated by reference to the experiences and
thoughts of the men and women who are reckoned great educators,
either because they embodied most perfectly the spirit of their
times or because they contributed something new in practice or
theory to the tradition of the schools, Further, while the main
stress is laid on the nations in whom was successively vested the
leadership of educational opinion, special attention is directed to
all the more notable happenings in England, Scotland, Ireland
and America, as likely to have maximum interest for the readers
for whom the book is designed*

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